Knockbox Espresso Blend

Knockbox Espresso Blend

$16.25 for 12 oz.

(Whole Bean Only)

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About Knockbox Espresso Blend

Creating the perfect Espresso Blend has been a unique challenge. For some roasters, dark roasts like espresso are made from their least desirable beans using roasting techniques that might be called careless or lazy. Dark roast coffees tend to have a burnt taste and often fail to highlight the coffee’s natural flavors. However, it is possible to make delicious, flavorful espresso if you’re willing to take the time to get the formula right. We have made it our mission for our Knockbox Espresso Blend to be that once-in-a-generation espresso that sets a whole new standard in the marketplace. About Our One-of-a-Kind Espresso Because we wanted to develop a unique, higher-quality espresso product, we knew that we would have to experiment with things that no one else is doing. What we’ve done is marry a series of our bold, high-profile coffees to create a unique and inviting taste without compromising our bean quality or roasting techniques. Those coffees? Mexican Brazilian Colombian Knockbox Espresso Roasting and Flavor Profiles As we began experimenting with different coffees to discover the perfect espresso blend, we soon realized that there was something special when we combined these three. This eye-opening espresso blend boasts a bright fruit medley that pays a fair and loving homage to the individual strengths of each of these coffees. Each cup is rounded out with a semi-sweet chocolate flavor far from the standard burnt taste to which most Americans have grown accustomed in their espresso. Where espresso is concerned, we really think this is a welcome break from the ordinary. Pro-Tip: Since this unique espresso does feature flavorful fruity highlights, try swapping out confectionery mixers like caramel sauce or cocoa powder flavors more akin to the drink itself. Consider going with something more closely related, like raspberry syrup, for a different twist on your next espresso drink.

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Knockbox Espresso Blend Facts

Great For:
Aeropress, Cold Brew, Espresso, Moka Pot, Turkish, French Press
Bold & Take No Prisoners, Texas Grand Tour, Just Around The Blend, Around The Coffee World, Our Pick

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