Welcome To The Texas Coffee Club

A Coffee Subscription Delivering Coffee Roasted In Texas, By Texans, For Texans

If you love coffee and Texas, you're in the right place.

If you’ve been buying coffee at the grocery store, no matter the brand, you’re missing out on the full experience that freshly roasted coffee can provide. The fact is, if coffee is not consumed within 30 days of roasting, you are drinking old, lifeless coffee.

That is why Texas Coffee Club is committed to sending you coffee that has been crafted by artisans in Texas. Our roasters are locally owned and take pride in their craft. Many of their coffees you will not be able to find in the stores. As soon as your preferred coffee is roasted, it’s bagged and shipped to your door so you can enjoy it all month long. You will be able to try an exciting new flavor with every shipment!


So, How Does It Work?

We Connect You with 27 Family Owned Coffee Roasters In Texas, and growing!

There are over 200 unique coffee flavors in the collection that we have personally sampled and organized by notes, origin, pairing, and more.

Personalize Your Coffee Subscription: Origins, Stylings Flavors, Frequency, and more.

You will receive 1 different pound with each order that has been customized to their preferences and shipped immediately after roasting.

The truth is, the best coffee is going to come from artisanal roasters.

These roasters are more concerned about sourcing, flavors, roasting and the overall quality of their craft than just moving bags of coffee. When you buy a bag of coffee from an artisan roaster, you're getting coffee that is the freshest of fresh.

In fact, all of our roasters guarantee that they will ship you your coffee within 48 hours of roasting. You can't beat that with a stick! And when you step up to a coffee subscription service, your supply of specialty coffee never runs dry.

But why buy from Texas roasters?

There are over 100 roasters in the Lone Star State and each has a story as to why they chose to put out their coffee roasting shingle. You'll be hearing about their stories when you join the club, but ultimately, the stories all boil down to a single theme... they love coffee and they love roasting. Our roasters are committed to their local communities, the Great State of Texas and a host of meaningful causes. Sadlys, roasters from Texas are not well represented on other coffee subscription services, and they could use your support! Check them out for yourself.

What About Quality?

You will find no greater selection of coffees than from our Texas Coffee Club Roaster family. If you know you are a serious fan of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, you will find no shortage of roasters' takes on that single-origin coffee. You can go on an artisanal journey to Ethiopia and enjoy multiple roasters interpretation of that historic coffee bean. And while you're in Ethiopia, try out the Ethiopia Guji Natural from Civil Goat or the Ethiopia Natural Sidamo from Odd Duck.

Never heard of Yirgacheffee? No worries. We got you covered! You can learn about this bean by visiting Scottie Dog Coffee, Buon Giornio Coffee or a number of other roasters in our family. Let them educate you and persuade you to try it out.

Who Is Running Texas Coffee Club?

Texas Coffee Club is the combination of something we’re really good at and something we love. We’re really good at writing software. In fact, we’re so good at it (pardon the humility!) that we have a ‘whole nuther’ sister company that does that for other companies. It’s named SMART Group. Everyone on the team loves coffee and we’re all proud Texans.

Meet the team that is honored to serve you by serving up awesome Texas coffee:

Chris Underwood - Development Lead

Chris is from Amarillo, Texas and a brilliant developer. On top of that, he’s a physicist. There isn’t a technical software or hardware issue that has ever stumped Chris. Chris tests positive for fast-food burgers and fries.

Brian Hall - Digital Marketing Lead

Brian is from the Clear Lake City area of Houston, Texas. He is a former lacrosse player and is an absolute guru in social media marketing and, more broadly, digital marketing. Brian tests positive for tattoos and caffeine.

Kevin McCreary - Founder and Chief Architect

Kevin is from Houston, Texas and with his family, lived abroad in Norway and Brazil. He built out the concept and architecture for our coffee subscription service and continues to think of new ideas for Texas Coffee Club. Kevin tests positive for espresso and pour over as well as a home fully-stocked with electronic gadgets.

More FAQs?

Q: What does it cost to join Texas Coffee Club?
A: There is no fee to join Texas Coffee Club. You only pay for coffees you purchase. And there is no requirement that you actually buy any coffee. When you do buy coffee you're not going to be paying an inflated price. We work with the roasters to ensure that if you buy through Texas Coffee Club or directly from them, you are going to pay the same price. If you want to join just so you can become more knowledgeable about Texas roasters and learn about coffee, that's cool with us. We're Texans. We love company.
Q: What makes Texas Coffee Club different than other coffee subscription box services?
A: On the surface, we are very similar to other coffee subscription services. As reflected in our name, however, we are focused solely on Texan coffee roasters. Also, our technology was built 100% by us. We’re software folks and coffee lovers. Our web application provides the roaster some really cool tools to help them sell coffee and connect with end consumers.
Q: Does the roaster roast my order as soon as I place it?
A: All roasters have roasting schedules and may not roast every day of the week. Your order will be roasted on the roaster’s next roasting day. This ensures super-fresh coffee for you!
Q: Will I get old coffee that has been sitting on the shelf?
A: You will absolutely not be getting old coffee. The Texas Coffee Club roasters commit to the coffee being shipped 24 - 48 hours after roasting if not sooner.
Q: How much coffee comes in a bag?
A: Most roasters ship 12oz of coffee in each bag. Some roasters ship less - e.g., 10oz or 9oz. Please check the weight before buying so that you are not surprised if you receive an amount less than you were expecting.
Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: We have always hated how hard it is to cancel a software subscription or service. So we make it easy. On the My Coffee Q page, change your Coffee Q Status to paused. That will effectively cancel your subscription.
Q: Can I pause my subscription?
A: You sure can. And it’s easy. Just go to the My Coffee Q page and change your Coffee Q Status to Paused. Be sure to click the Save Q Settings button at the bottom of the page. You can always resume your subscription when you’d like.
Q: What if I don’t like the coffee that I received?
A: We have all experienced receiving something with high expectations and then being a bit disappointed. If you have received the wrong coffee (e.g., something other than what you ordered), we will promptly correct that mistake and send you the correct coffee at no charge. If you received what you ordered but believe the coffee is defective in some way, reach out to us (starting with the little chat button at the bottom of the screen) and we’ll work with you. If you simply don’t like the coffee, still, reach to us and let’s see if we can figure something out together.
Q: Can I buy directly from the roaster instead of Texas Coffee Club?
A: You certainly can and we don’t want to stand in the way of you doing that. We have great relationships with all of the roasters and we want them to succeed. Just so you’ll know, the amount you pay the roaster for their coffee and the amount you pay Texas Coffee Club for that same coffee will always be the same once you include shipping. That is a commitment we have made to the roasters; not to undercut their prices. If you ever see something that is priced differently, please let us know.
Q: How do I get a refund?
A: Start by contacting us using the chat button at the bottom of the screen. We provide replacements or refunds when there is a problem with the order that is within the control of Texas Coffee Club or the roaster.
Q: Can I order more than one bag at a time?
A: You can order as much as you want. At current time, each bag will come in its own box.
Q: I know a Texan coffee roaster that is not part of Texas Coffee Club. How can I recommend them?
A: Contact us via the chat button at the bottom of the screen. We’d love to hear your recommendation.