Apex Coffee Roasters

Our process

A coffee's quality and uniqueness starts and ends well before it reaches our facility. It is the diligent craftsmanship and artistry of producers all over the world who make great coffee a reality. Roasting the coffee is a necessity to unlock all the aromas and flavors we enjoy in our cups. Exactly how a coffee is roasted is the greatest influence on how it will ultimately taste. Our goal is simply to reveal the coffee's natural flavors and showcase all the producer's hard work. We meticulously source all our coffees to find the highest quality. We work with importers and farmers to guarantee fair purchasing costs throughout the entire supply chain. All of our coffees are specialty grade, arabica beans which make up the finest coffees in the world. We roast all coffees to order to ensure freshness upon arrival.
Mata de Platano - Honduras from Apex Coffee Roasters
Green Apple, Cocoa, Raisin, Clean
Roast Level: Medium Light
Price: $19.75 for 12 oz.
Reward Beans: 50
Lenana - Kenya from Apex Coffee Roasters
Blackberry, Black Currant, Brown Spice, Maple Syrup
Roast Level: Light
Price: $23.25 for 12 oz.
Reward Beans: 55
Decaf Columbia from Apex Coffee Roasters
Carmel, Dark Cocoa, Heavy Mouthfeel
Roast Level: Medium
Price: $17.75 for 12 oz.
Reward Beans: 30

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