Memli Coffee Lab

We believe in passion, transparency and mindfulness in every coffee we roast.

The way we respect those values is by bringing awareness, ethic, equity and mentoring in everything we do from sourcing to delivering and reveal the beauty of our coffee from the inside-out. This result in excellent quality coffee, consistency and awesome people. We believe Memli’s mantra to be part of a lifestyle to help people reconnect with themselves and find the keys to their inner goals. "Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure." – The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho ​Batch by Batch we are striving for a better connection and transparency with coffee farmers. The sensory aspect of coffee is a salient point for us. We put effort in educating our community to give them unique knowledge and skills. We always start with the end in mind by creating a mood/vibe around the aromas and flavors, then we slowly reverse engineer it by selecting a farmer that can benefit from this. The selection process involve a lot of control and decision making and we still work and will continue to work with those farmers / cooperatives.
Gran Galope - Huila, Colombia from Memli Coffee Lab
Single Origin Filter Collection
Roast Level: Medium Light
Price: $17.00 for 12 oz.
Reward Beans: 35
Gelena Abaya - Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia - Washed from Memli Coffee Lab
Espresso for Milk Collection
Roast Level: Medium
Price: $17.00 for 12 oz.
Reward Beans: 30